Wix SEO Audit: All You Need to Know

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Written by: Branko Ilishev
Aug / 24 / 2022

We have been led to believe that in this modern-day of web competition and digital marketing, it is imperative to have a website; if you do not have a website, you do not exist.

However, just existing is not enough in the digital world, in the same way, that it is not sufficient to just exist in the physical world.

It is not enough to simply open the doors to your business and spend thousands of dollars on interior and exterior designers as well as any and all potential bows that you can place on your business. Simply existing is not sufficient, particularly in the digital world, when there are 800,000 new web pages published every single day.

However, the Wix SEO audit is the beginning of the solution, the online analysis that you need in order to begin competing. It will not be a definite magic act that will end all of your digital troubles, nor will it fix your life’s problems.

In this piece, we are going to discuss one of the most essential topics that exist in the world of digital technology, despite the fact that it is not as often discussed as other topics. Imagine those who are in direct rivalry with you if you are unsure what it is.

We would like to use this opportunity to welcome you to a new piece on ecommerce SEO and digital marketing. In this text, we are going to open Pandora’s box that you have been seeking in order to bring life to your website and give you some Wix seo tips and short Wix seo tutorial.

Why do a Wix SEO audit and web analysis?

Because a Wix SEO audit extends much beyond the visual, it is not enough to simply examine the layout and traffic of your website, if you have ever seen it; an SEO audit is comprehensive.

A web analysis paves the way for a person to participate in a location on the internet in a manner that is more professional.

Your website starts to become helpful, and it moves closer and closer to the target you had in mind when you decided to invest, again and over again, in your digital counter; a return on investment of one hundred percent.

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It’s a marathon of a task to make a website because you have to deal with things like programming, design, mockups, demos, communication agencies, freelancers, forums, and so on.

Nonetheless, increasing online traffic should consistently be a priority for any website. A website that does not receive any online traffic is a website that is adrift and will one day be abandoned.

Focusing your efforts on making your website useful for your business should be your top priority because it will generate the ROI you require before venturing into other facets of digital marketing.

Because of SEO, your “cost of acquisition per client” will be lower; in other words, the amount of money you will have to spend on digital advertising in order to convince someone to purchase your product or service will be less. You can pay as little as fifty percent of what your competitors do each click and yet come out on top.

Also, an effective Wix SEO Audit can result in free advertising, which can translate into financial gain. Your website answers your target audience’s queries 24 hours a day. They are clicks that, at the end of the month, will not be charged to the credit card that you have provided.

How to do a Wix SEO Audit?

To be indexed by search engines, pages, regardless of how good they are, need to have SEO work done to them.

At Wix, SEO for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and any other search engine is the greatest technique to increase a website’s visibility in the SERPS.

On Wix, there are tools that make it easier to perform search engine optimization.

Among them are the following:

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Wix SEO Wiz

There is no such thing as Yoast SEO in Wix as when you are working on WordPress. On the other hand, it possesses an SEO wizard known as Wiz that will assist you with a number of important aspects of SEO. Let’s get started to activate the wizard. This will be done in the control panel.

And that wraps it up, different options to implement SEO are already present on the page you’re working on.

Optimize the startup

Wix will provide you with some recommendations for titles and descriptions, but you are also free to alter them in accordance with your preferences.

To access the editor, first, select “Menus and pages” from the drop-down menu in the editor’s interface.

At this point, select the menu item “update homepage SEO description,” then click on “Home.”

If you look for the “SEO (Google)” option, you will find that it allows you to make the necessary modifications to the URL, title, and meta description of the page.

This page also provides you with access to sophisticated SEO fields for things like canonical URLs and a field for structured data, in addition to a host of other options.

Index automatically

Your website will be indexed on Google without you having to do anything more than activate one of the choices that SEO Wiz provides for you.

You can connect your site to Google by going to the settings menu and selecting the “increase my position in Google” option from the drop-down menu.

Avoid duplicity

You will have the ability to get rid of duplicate content and establish the canonical tag when you make use of the Wix SEO tools.

Find the option labeled “SEO (Google)” in the site editor by going to “Menus and pages,” then “Home,” and finally looking for it. There, on the advanced SEO tab, you will find a section called Canonical URL. In this part, you will be able to update the primary URL if necessary, thereby preventing Wix seo issues with duplicate content.

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Configure the redirects

In order to prevent errors that may have an impact on your positioning, navigate to the “options” and “SEO” sections of the control panel, and then look for the “manage redirects” area.

After clicking “start,” carry out the 301 redirection activities that you need to, and check to see that folks aren’t getting lost in the process of looking for your previous page.

Secure web automatically

The fact that it automatically binds the SSL security protocol is going to be one of the most significant benefits that you will find in how to conduct Wix SEO Audit.

Therefore, you won’t have to do anything to ensure that your website possesses the security components that Google requires in order to provide its consumers with secure sites. This means that you can focus on other aspects of your online business.

Mobile optimization

Wix provides you with this useful function, which will lend assistance to the positioning of your website.

Find the menu labelled “options” in the main editor. From there, select the “mobile optimized” option, and then turn on the mobile option.

After going through these uncomplicated steps, you will have a website that is capable of being read on a variety of devices without encountering any difficulties.

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The Bottom Line

If you’re wondering whether or not Wix SEO is effective, we’re here to tell you that, at least according to Google, it is!

During an important conference of Google I/O 2018, the internet giant discussed its connection with Wix and touted Wix SEO Wiz is an innovative tool that indexes your website in a matter of seconds. This presentation was a part of Google’s ongoing series of developer conferences.

Wix allows users to obtain a degree of Wix SEO Audit that is comparable to that of a professional, despite the fact that Google was not the first company to make this discovery.

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