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Why WooCommerce by SmartClick?

WooCommerce is an ideal e-commerce platform, developed in a way that lets people without any technical expertise use it effortlessly.

At SmartClick, we can convert any design in a high-quality Woo-Commerce WordPress shop, responsive and SEO-optimized to guarantee you and your customers a distinguishable shopping experience.

We’ve been building websites in WordPress for many years for clients from a variety of niches, which means we are equipped with a diverse skill set for any and all business needs. We put 100% in each and every project we take on and make sure you get the desired results.

In addition, we provide full customer support and backup for your website once it is built, as well as taking care of the maintenance and updates according to the latest security measures.

Features of your Woo-commerce website

Having a highly-functioning e-shop is crucial to your e-commerce business.

Losing valuable time and customers because of a poorly built e-commerce site is a luxury you can’t afford when your competitors are hot on your heels with a powerful online presence.

Are you satisfied with yours? At SmartClick, we make sure you are.

Here are the features your e-commerce website will have:

  • Easy to personalise and update
  • Fast and scalable
  • Easy way to manage your online store
  • Responsive, with a stronger focus on mobile responsiveness
  • Pixel-perfect and visually attractive
  • Supported and maintained by SmartClick
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The Process

  • Research

    First we conduct market research to understand your target audience and pinpoint your biggest competitors.

  • Plan

    Then we focus on you and your desired goals to figure out the best way to achieve them with thorough planning.

  • Design

    Taking into consideration your design preferences along with their goal-compatibility we choose the best solution and incorporate it into the development of the website.

  • Develop

    Once the web design is agreed upon, we code it into an actual web page and develop a website ready for testing and approval.

  • Test

    The last step before launching is the testing and debugging stage, where the website is tested on the server as well as across all platforms and devices to make sure everything runs flawlessly.

  • Launch

    Finally, once the testing and debugging is complete we plan and execute your site launch with the proper timing and strategies to make sure your (re)branding is a huge SUCCESS that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Case Studies

Get Inspired by Our Best Work

Have a look at some of our over 220 projects we have successfully finished that helped our clients make their mark. Browse through the portfolio and let your imagination flow. Once you see something you like contact us, and we can discuss your website needs and wants together.

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How many products can a Woo-Commerce site handle?

According to the WooCommerce team, the number of products is indefinite.There are excellent WooCommerce sites with over 100.000 products out there. It all depends on the infrastructure of the site, the hosting and how optimised it is.

With SmartClick you are sure to have the most optimised infrastructure for any current or future number of products.

Is WooCommerce free?

WooCommerce (just like WordPress) is a free, open source software. However, upgrades are not free. That’s why our team at SmartClick discusses your wants and needs for your e-commerce website with you to find the most convenient and cost-effective solution.

Is WooCommerce better than Shopify?

WooCommerce websites are more scalable and customizable, as the UI allows you to have complete control over your website. It is also a more profitable option than Shopify in the long run.

How safe is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is completely safe, with security measures built into it. However, there are several things that must be done in order to prevent hacking and malicious visits as per instruction of the WooCommerce team.

Our experienced SmartClick team will make sure all of these instructions are carefully implemented in your new website, to ensure absolute security.

Who uses WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is used by 26% of all online shops on the net. It is the leading e-commerce platform and the most popular choice of millions of users worldwide.