What Is the Best Platform for SEO for SaaS?

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Written by: Branko Ilishev
Jun / 16 / 2022

Most software companies don’t have enough resources to get their marketing and sales going at the beginning of their journey. And even though SEO is the best way to achieve your goals, it’s also essential which platform you are going to use for your SaaS business. In essence, connecting the best platform for SaaS SEO with your services is the proper way to attract many customers. 

You probably hear about WordPress all the time, and rightfully so since it has been at the top of the game for quite some time now. And yes, WordPress is the best platform for SEO for Saas, but in order to see why, let’s address several reasons. 

It Can Add Metadata Automatically

The first reason why WordPress is best rated SEO platform for SaaS is because it can add metadata automatically. The meta title and meta description are major ranking factors for SEO. That’s why it is the best platform for SEO for SaaS since it can get you ahead of your competitors by not wasting time on this aspect manually.  

First, it’s important to mention that you have to add them to every post and page of your site and also the targeted keyword in the metadata since it can improve the position in a significant way. In addition, they are viewable on search engines, so they improve the overall click-through rate. You just have to install a free WordPress SEO plugin and add them. 

It doesn’t take a lot of time, and the best thing about WordPress is that you can use the same plugin for each post. Also, even when you don’t add the meta title and description by yourself, you can use a plugin that will get the wanted info from the title and the beginning of the sentences you have written as content. 

Excellent Site Speed

Another reason why it is the best platform for SEO for SaaS is that it provides excellent site speed. Google takes site speed as a ranking factor, and it considers page speed in a great manner. The reason is that the quicker a page loads, the easier it is for Google to crawl the entire site and index it properly. In addition, site and page speed are extremely important for the overall user experience. Therefore, sites with short loading times have a lower bounce rate and a higher average time spent on the website. 

With WordPress, site speed is not an issue at all, and it has various fast-loading themes. Also, you can use plugins that are created in order to improve the speed of the website. Of course, it can happen for a site to be slow, and the reasons are usually using too many plugins, images that are not optimized, lousy web hosting services, and so on. 

Nevertheless, if you get everything in line, there won’t be any problems. Site speed is extremely important today, both for ranking high on search engines and for user experience, and WordPress can help you a great deal as the best SEO platform for SaaS.

Optimized Images

There are many effective SaaS marketing strategies, but one of the crucial aspects of site SEO is to have optimized images. There are three main reasons why SEO-optimized images are important: they make your content engaging, interesting, and accessible, and the second one is because they help search engine bots with the correct information. And the third reason which is vital for ranking higher is that they can speed up your site and page loading time. 

In order to get the best possible results, you have to include a version of your keyword in the alt text, and WordPress allows you to do so. Furthermore, you can edit the size of the image to get a much better page speed. And the best part is that you can use a WordPress plugin for this step and use various free options to optimize the size of the images automatically, saving you time. The WordPress plugins also make it the top SEO platform for SaaS.                                  

Mobile Optimized Site

You are aware of the fact that most people use their smartphones to search for every type of information; therefore, having a mobile-optimized site is crucial in today’s world. As a SaaS business owner, whether you like this trend or not, you just have to adapt to it immediately as the best way to do SEO for SaaS.

And you don’t have anything to worry about if you pick WordPress as the best platform for SEO for since it’s excellent for mobile optimization. The main reason why is because most themes are optimized for mobile phones. Also, when you customize your site, you have the privilege to see how it looks on various devices. 

Furthermore, Google values mobile optimization considering it one of the best SEO for SaaS practices, and also wants to see a mobile version of your website to make mobile-first indexing. So, since users mainly use their mobile phones and Google insists on having an optimized mobile version, you have to address this in the best possible way. That’s why the mobile version of your site has to be the same quality as the desktop version. Fast-loading, easy to navigate, and performance of different tasks without any issues is what both users and Google want. But don’t worry; with WordPress, you get most of the optimized themes for mobile phones. 

Its Main Focus Is User Experience

Another critical reason WordPress is the best platform for SEO for SaaS is its primary focus on user experience. It has different plugins and themes for making your site look a lot more attractive and professional, which improves the user experience excellently. This platform has the attitude that a fantastic user experience will provide a higher engagement rate that will increase sales and revenues. 

In addition to the SEO advantages because of this WordPress attitude, the high engagement score shows that your website provides the proper solutions. So, when your engagement rate improves, your bounce rate will decrease. Therefore, Google and other search engines will decide to reward your site with a better ranking experience, which is the ultimate goal. This reason is also an important one why WordPress is the best choice for SEO for SaaS.

It’s Easy to Create and Edit Content  

Don’t be surprised, but WordPress is also the best platform for content for SaaS, and content is extremely important for your site because of many reasons. When you have excellent content, you attract a high engagement rate, and this rate helps a lot in making effective conversions, which ultimately leads to Google recognizing that your site provides valuable and unique content for the users; therefore, you rank higher. 

And WordPress also being a surprisingly great SaaS SEO platform will help you in doing so since they also first launched a blogging platform. Furthermore, it’s easy to use, easy to navigate, and it’s created so that you can edit content easily. In addition, it provides seamless audio and video integration, content curation, and endless customization. It is fair to say that it’s difficult to find another top rated SEO platform for SaaS that can give you such an impressively easy way to create content.

Final Words

There you have it; the best platform for SEO for SaaS in today’s online world is most certainly WordPress. Considering all the benefits it provides instantly just by using it, it is fair you say that your SEO SaaS will be at the top of the mountain. 

So, make sure not to forget these best solutions for SEO for SaaS that this platform provides next time you think about your site and how you can gather the best possible results through SEO. Being the best platform also makes it the easiest SEO platform for SaaS.

So, combining the two is the perfect recipe for achieving your desired results while improving all the time!

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