Why Is SEO Your Marketing Strategy’s Best Friend?

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Written by: Branko Ilishev
Oct / 13 / 2021

There are many marketing types and various types of marketing strategies in the world today, with online marketing being one of the most powerful tools one can use. Marketing is one of the essential parts of any business, and without it, there is no possible way to achieve continuity and progress.

Of course, like every other strategy, marketing also has had many changes through the years, and it is in constant evolution. The rules of yesterday might not apply well with the rules of today, and some of the methods of today may disappear in the future. 

Nevertheless, marketing will always be valuable, both for the business owners and the users and customers. But which strategy is the best option? From all types of digital marketing, what is the one it is most used? Should I hire a quality ecommerce SEO strategist or use the basic traditional ways? We say ecommerce SEO, all the way.

You have the full answer here, drawn as conclusions by the exploration of the different types of marketing that are still used today.

Types of Marketing 

There are many types of marketing, so we will focus on the benefits of some of the most popular ones, which are still active today. Let’s start from the beginning.

Traditional Marketing

It is fair to say that it still exists, but since it is an offline marketing tool, traditional marketing refers to flyers, billboards, and radio spots. Of course, the popularity of this type faded away to a certain degree since the online internet world became popular. 

Most of the traditional marketing uses TV commercials, billboards around different cities, print, radio program advertisements, etc. It is still used today, and it has its benefits, especially with the older generation, but it is not as popular as it used to be. We still don’t know, but it is possible that the traditional ways of advertising will completely disappear in the future. It is challenging to “fight” with all the online marketing strategies, and when it come down to the results – traditional marketing is nowhere close to engage the online audience.

Inbound Marketing 

Inbound marketing has the goal to attract customers by empowering them to do their own research online and make it their own journey. It uses the marketing strategy of attracting, engaging, and delighting the user. In essence, you have to create important content that will connect with your audience and make them interested in your business.

After completing this part, In order to become their advisor and expert, you have to establish good connections through chatbots and email marketing. That is how you will delight them and make sure they are on the right business path. The biggest advantage is that you attract people that are already interested in the topics and services you provide.

Outbound Marketing 

If inbound marketing focuses on attracting customers, outbound marketing’s number one focus is interrupting customers. It uses intrusive promotions like print ads, cold calling, and email blasts to lists. 

The main reason it is called outbound marketing is that regardless of the interest of the customers, it pushes messages to them. That is how it raises awareness about your services and products you want to make popular on the market. Out of the many types of digital marketing, this one is related to the idea that every product has its buyer; you have to show users that something exists. The benefit of outbound marketing is that you will find your customer sooner or later by presenting your products to everyone. 

Brand Marketing

We all are familiar with the Christmas Coca-Cola commercials or the funny McDonald’s ads. That is what brand marketing does; it makes an emotional connection with the audience through humor, creativity, storytelling, and trying to inspire people. In essence, it is the idea of shaping the public perception of the brand.

The most significant benefit of brand marketing is that by making such a deep emotional connection, you will have people that will love your brand and products forever. But, nothing comes easily, and that is why you need to know your audience and understand their needs 100%, and ultimately know what resonates with them. To make a successful brand and to make great storytelling, you also have to know your place in the market and try to be authentic and different from your competitors. 

Guerilla Marketing

All types of digital marketing have many advantages over traditional marketing, but the one that is kind of different from everything else is guerilla marketing. It is used to spread brand awareness by putting bright but bold brand messages, to-the-point facts, and activations in high-traffic physical locations in various places.

The problem with guerilla marketing is that it is usually used without permission, and making promotions during live events, public stunts, altering urban places without any approval can be dangerous. And the most significant disadvantage is that you may be interrupted by law enforcement, bad weather, people that misunderstand the idea you are trying to present. However, the benefit is that guerilla marketing can quickly produce widespread attention in a concise amount of time. 

Digital Marketing

We touched on digital marketing a little bit in the previous types we mentioned, but in essence, it is fair to say that digital marketing is the future, and there are various types of digital marketing that won’t disappear soon quite the contrary, they are more and more popular. 

It is the “rival” of traditional marketing and does not use traditional offline methods. Digital marketing uses all the online techniques and strategies, such as email, social media, different search engines through the web, to connect with potential customers all across the globe. It is an extremely powerful marketing tool, and the most important benefit is that you are able to search and find new customers from anywhere in the world, something that you can not make with any other type of marketing. 

Here we saw some of the more traditional styles of advertising, also some types of digital marketing, and since digital marketing offers many advantages and benefits, it is best to see some of the most effective digital marketing options available. 

Best Digital Marketing Strategies

As mentioned above, digital marketing rules the world, and here we will see the best types of digital marketing with some of its strategies to achieve a wide range of potential users of your products and services. So let’s get into it:


PPC stands for pay-per-click, which is used to describe promoted search engine results achieved by paid advertisements. The goal is to increase the traffic of a business, and until you pay, the ad will be active. 

You already have seen PPC ads appearing before YouTube videos, in mobile phones, ads appearing throughout the web, and the results that appear first on Google’s first page as paid ads. 

The benefit from PPC is not only the fact that you buy a passage to high ranking everywhere, but you also pay only for the results. That means that you will only pay if someone clicks on your ad and goes to your site. You will decide how much money you want to invest in it, and there is almost no limit since some smaller businesses spend hundreds of dollars, while other large companies may spend thousands of dollars on this type of advertising. 

Another benefit is that you choose whether your PPC campaign will focus on users from the entire world online or to a specific geographical area. If you have a worldwide product, it is good to use it for all internet users, but if you have specific services, it is best to choose your most important area where you know you should find potential customers. 

However, make sure you understand that the instant results will be there as long as you keep paying for the campaign. Once you stop investing in PPC campaigns, it’ll be like you’ve never appeared on the first page on Google. To decide whether PPC is the better option for your, check out our article on the comparison between PPC and SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Everyone knows social media, and most people worldwide have social media channels. Sometimes it seems like people can not function at all without their smartphones and their online social media profiles. But social media marketing does not mean just posting comments or making online posts. Marketers have to use social media with reasonable strategies to reach the desired target online and the desired results.

Making a social media marketing campaign isn’t at all like managing your Facebook profile or being funny on Twitter. The marketers’ efforts must be continuous and confident with using many online tools to schedule posts and make automation. They also need to work with their colleagues from other sectors of the company to coordinate the idea on all platforms, especially online and together with offline marketers, to ensure that every part of the brand management is telling the same story everywhere. The vital part of social media marketing is knowing how to analyze the performance results. By knowing this, you will be able to create strategies that will accomplish your needs. In essence, the marketer has to be objective and creative simultaneously. They have to make data-driven decisions and strategies, and they have to track and measure the data results of their campaigns continuously. The most significant benefit is that everyone is on social media now, so you will find a way to reach many people if you work hard. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing means using blog posts, podcasts, videos, e-books, and many other ways to reach your target. It uses storytelling to increase brand awareness, and the idea is to make the reader take action and become your new customer by buying something, asking for more information, or signing up through email. 

The goal is to make constant and trustworthy customers; it is not used to make one sale; in fact, the point is to build trust and a sustainable relationship with your potential customer. You must prove to the consumer that what you offer has real quality; you can not just advertise the brand with no arguments. 

It is closely connected to SEO, and it is a long-term marketing strategy. It is a mix of great writing and analytical and strategic skills. By using SEO tactics, you can see what the users want, and you use that information to do good content marketing by using quality content in general. As a long-term strategy, it brings users to your site over time through search engines, and the better the content and keywords, the faster users will find you and your products. And since it can not function without an SEO strategy, let’s see why SEO is so valuable in today’s online marketing world. 

scrabble gaming pieces on a table with letters SEO meaning Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Out of all types of digital marketing, search engine optimization is by far the best online marketing strategy you can use for any type of business. The ultimate goal of SEO is to make your site or business rank higher on search engines like Google or any others. Of course, the motivation to do this is to increase the traffic on your website.

The fundamentals of creating this possibility are made by marketers searching for phrases and words that users are typing when searching for things on the internet, and they use these keywords in the content they create. Therefore, keywords are the phrases and words that we type on the search engine like Google when we want to find something online. For example, in 2021, 68% of online usage has started by using a search engine, and Google has an amazing 92% of all search engine market share. 

SEO also addresses all the links that other sites use to bring to your website and provides the necessary results that will help you structure your site. One of the main reasons why SEO is the best digital marketing strategy is because it is great for creating a long-term trustworthy relationship with your users and customers since it builds a high ranking site with high-quality content. That is valuable for both you and your site visitors. You can not rank high without quality content, and users can not find you easily, which is the biggest argument that with SEO, both sides will get what they want if there is a great SEO strategy. 

And since these facts depend on Google’s algorithm in a grand manner, here are some things that SEO strategists and marketers use to achieve what they want:

  • Link structure – The good SEO specialists know how to properly format links, sitemaps, and URLs in order to make them accessible. Now, this is possible if they are accessible to site crawlers, as search engines that trail the structure of your website to find the content you have.
  • Indexing of content – It is also extremely important to add alt texts for every image that is on the site and make text transcripts for all audio and video content. That is how the search engine will easily read this content on your website. 
  • Keywords – At the beginning of SEO many years ago, when Google and other search engines were not as nearly used as today, content writers used to put as many keywords they liked, and they didn’t have to bother where they were centred. Today things are a little bit different, and now you have to deploy keywords in the content you are creating correctly. Also, headers have to be used in every text, and if there is high-quality content with good keywords in the headers and throughout the text occurring naturally, the page has a chance to rank higher on the search engines. That is what every business site owner needs and wants. The higher you rank, the better chances of having a lot of web traffic that creates more customers. 

By hiring a great SEO agency that knows how to use these strategy tools and knows the best ways to achieve the results you want, your online business will be highly thankful for having a high rate of online presence and excellent site traffic. These benefits will, without a doubt, bring new visitors and keep the ones that already like your site. Last but not least, here is a list of some other also valuable benefits from using SEO marketing: 

  • increases organic discovery
  • improves trust and credibility among users
  • you get a 24 hour promotion all year long
  • SEO reaches any target audience worldwide
  • it also optimizes user experience
  • as mentioned above, it offers long-term marketing
  • it gives high visibility online
  • your site will rank better at local searches
  • SEO improves the awareness of your brand
  • internet users trust organic results

You will decide yourself which marketing strategy is the best for your business, but the facts clearly prove that SEO is the most popular and most beneficial marketing strategy one can use for a website and any business. The possibilities are endless, and with hiring the right team, things will get better for sure. 

Final Words

These are some of today’s extremely famous marketing strategies, and even more important, some of the most effective digital marketing tools. Everyone knows that there is no possible way to increase brand awareness or keep loyal customers without a good strategy. So don’t waste any more time and start using marketing tips to build a strategy that will bring significant benefits to you and your business all the time. 

High ranking on search engines means quality and visibility; visibility means more site traffic and visitors, more visitors means more loyal customers. But none of these can be achieved without great marketing. 

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