Off-Page SEO for B2B SaaS Best Practices

Written by: Elena Daskalova
Dec / 07 / 2023

Building a SaS foundation for online presence is an ongoing task full of specific challenges, obstacles, and industry changes. As we already covered the on-page aspect of SaaS optimization, it’s time to look at the other side of things. 

Surely, there is an off-page SaaS SEO approach that ensures the optimization goes beyond the website. The off-page SEO for B2B SaaS includes building authority outside your creative space through backlinks, brand mentions, and overall support. 

So, let’s see what it takes to build that authority:

Obtaining Backlinks from Relevant Sources

Backlinks are the cornerstone of off-page optimization. That’s why knowing how to build backlinks naturally is vital. By definition, backlinks are active live links from other websites pointing to your SaaS service. They act as a vote for confidence for search engines. Additionally, mentions on authoritative websites contribute to your online presence and enhance the confidence and trust between you and potential customers.

Strategies: Guest blogging, directory submissions, linkable assets (infographics, guides), or influencer outreach. 

Always aim for quality over quantity. When it comes to backlinks, it’s always better to obtain natural and organic links instead of purchasing forced brand mentions in low-quality articles.

Brand Mentions and Brand Signals

Building online authority is also an important step in off-page SEO for B2B SaaS. It doesn’t always require linked mentions, as the mentions without direct backlinks may also improve your overall recognition and trust, positively impacting your SEO efforts. 

Strategies: Social media marketing, digital PR, online forums and communities, industry publications, sponsorships, etc. 

But how do we track these unlinked mentions? Usually, you can search your name or enter branded queries you rank for (according to Google Search Console or your preferred SEO tool). You can also use tools like BrandMentions or Brand24 or some social media tools like Hootsuite or Awario

Social Media Engagement

Social media is a pretty important chain in all SEO for B2B SaaS efforts. An active social media presence helps build a community, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website.

Don’t overlook the potential social media platforms bring for your SaaS brand. A large portion of your target audience uses social media daily, so testing various platforms for a month or two will give you a huge competitive advantage. Once you detect where you get most of the social media traffic, you can focus on those platforms. 

Strategies: Share valuable content, engage with followers, run social media contests, use relevant hashtags, and collaborate with influencers.

So, link your social media profiles to your website. Encourage the people to follow you on various platforms. It’s a simple SaaS SEO off-page tactic that may bring you more active users than ever. 

Influencer Marketing for SaaS

Working with industry experts and influencers can be a great starting point in building trust and relevance. Still, you need to carefully choose the people you work with. If you want to position your product using off-page SEO for SaaS methods, then you need technology-proficient people who indeed know how to leverage such tools in their daily habits. 

For example, hiring a fashion influencer to promote an ed-tech SaaS product may not be the best idea. It may work only if the very same influencer runs a fashion school or academy, making them eligible collaborators for your product. So, partner with relevant influencers in your industry to reach a wider audience and build trust with potential customers.

Strategies: Product reviews, sponsored content, social media mentions, and webinars.

Again, choose influencers who have the same values as you nurture for a successful collaboration.

Online Communities and Q&A Platforms

Online communities, forums, Q&A sessions, and direct engagement with relevant audiences help you enhance your brand value. It’s an off-site activity that establishes you as an expert. 

When the potential audience associates a product or brand with a person they trust, they’re more likely to become your customers. 

Strategies: Contribute to forums and Q&A platforms like Quora and Reddit, participate in industry discussions, and run community events.

Always focus on sharing valuable information and solutions instead of direct product promotion. Every SaaS product comes with a specific set of features and values that target pain points and ongoing issues. The better you represent the product as a solution, the bigger your chances of selling it to at least one person during the online event.

Guest Blogging and Content Collaboration

When someone gives you space to write a guest post for their blog or website, do that wisely. Make sure you focus on the most important SaaS aspect by highlighting the values you offer. 

Again, it’s important to be a guest at industry-relevant platforms. There is no benefit to publishing a great guest blog on a website that doesn’t target even the tiniest part of your target audience.

Strategies: Collaborate with other SaaS companies or industry experts on co-created content, such as articles, case studies, or webinars.

Always focus on quality. Ensure your guest posts are informative, engaging, and optimized for relevant keywords.

Public Relations and Media Outreach

Try to get your SaaS brand featured in industry publications or even in traditional media. Secure a few interviews to cover your launch with press releases, as well as product and feature reviews in relevant media platforms. 

This way, you build brand credibility and awareness. While it’s not the easiest task to do, traditional media is one of the best ways to enhance your SEO for B2B SaaS efforts. 

Strategies: Develop a strong media kit, actively pitch journalists, and participate in industry events.

Focus on newsworthy content, highlight your product’s unique features, or give your opinion on industry trends in the SaaS market.

Final Thoughts on Off-Page SEO for B2B SaaS

The off-page SEO efforts are a lot more than the usual on-page practices. They require a strategic approach, collaborations, and many activities like podcasts, webinars, live shows, sharing expert opinions, and building trust between you and the target audience.

As a result, you appear more relevant, and people get used to your brand. That way, they can easily choose you when in doubt between similar products. 

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