How to Increase My Chances of Earning Natural Backlinks?

Written by: Branko Ilishev
Feb / 16 / 2024

Since online marketing is complex, you need to address every aspect of your strategy to be successful. One crucial element is natural backlinks because they stand as pillars of credibility and trust. 

Still, you must know how to improve your chances of acquiring natural follow backlinks, so let’s delve into actionable strategies you can implement.

Natural Backlinks Definition

Simply put, natural backlinks are links to your site given by other webmasters without any payment or solicitation. In essence, these are links that you’ve earned through the trust you build within your niche and the quality of your content.

However, there is a reason why this can happen, so let’s see the importance of natural backlinks.

Importance of Building Natural Backlinks

The reason natural backlinks are essential is because they are like a digital voice of confidence. 

They indicate to Google and other search engines that your content is valuable, relevant, and authoritative for users. Therefore, these backlinks can contribute in a significant way to your site’s SEO efforts because they improve your visibility and ranking in search engine results pages.

How to Create Natural Backlinks?

Creating natural backlinks is highly beneficial, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

The ultimate goal is to create content that resonates with your audience to attract natural backlinks. Here are some types of content that tend to garner more attention and links.

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Create Engaging Content That Encourages Sharing

You need to create engaging, informative, and easily shareable content across many social media channels and platforms. This type of content has the potential to go viral, which can increase visibility and attract natural backlinks from many users who find value in it.

The more shareable your content, the bigger the chances of attracting a significant number of natural backlinks.

Interviews with Industry Experts

Another actionable strategy is to conduct interviews with industry experts to provide valuable insights for your audience and increase the chances of them sharing your content within their own networks.

Additionally, expert interviews add credibility to your content, making it more attractive to other web admins for linking purposes.

Make Case Studies with In-Depth Analysis

Case studies are beneficial because they offer real-world insights and examples that people may find valuable enough to link to.

Therefore, make sure to dive deep into successful strategies or projects in your niche and provide in-depth analysis and results. This way, you will establish your expertise and authority, making your content more link-worthy.

Comprehensive Checklists or Guides

Another vital content type is to create comprehensive checklists or guides to provide actionable steps for solving common issues and achieving particular goals.

Checklists are valuable resources for users and websites because they are practical and actionable. For instance, we provide an audit guide that truly showcases solutions and its content is valuable, so the chances of being linked are enormous.

Therefore, you can enjoy the advantage of your checklists being linked and shared as references for completing tasks efficiently.

Represent Your Content Visually Via Infographics

The visual aspect of your content is also highly important, and infographics are an excellent way to make your content highly shareable and link-worthy.


Because infographics distill complex information into easy-to-understand representations, which makes them prominent among your audience. They can potentially attract backlinks from sites looking to boost their content with visually appealing data and graphics.

Resource Lists with Compilation of Valuable Info

Make lists of valuable resources, sites, and tools relevant to your niche. These resource lists have the potential to become go-to references for users, which means earning natural backlinks as a result.

By providing a curated collection of useful resources, you position yourself as a helpful authority within your niche, encouraging others to link to your content continuously.

Manual Guides or Tutorials for Solving Problems

Develop in-depth guides or tutorials that address specific topics or challenges within your industry. 

High-quality, informative guides and tutorials often attract links from other websites looking to provide additional resources to their audience. They offer comprehensive insights and instructions, making them valuable assets for users seeking in-depth knowledge on a particular subject.

Create White Papers with Valuable Insights

White papers and research studies are potent assets that showcase valuable insights and analysis within your field of expertise.

This type of content can establish your expertise and attract backlinks from researchers, journalists, and industry professionals. This content provides in-depth analysis and data-driven insights, making it a valuable resource for those seeking authoritative information.

Co-Host Webinars to Share Your Expertise

Organize or co-host webinars to share your expertise and insights on relevant industry topics.

Co-hosting webinars with other experts is an excellent way to engage your audience and provide opportunities for other sites to link to your content. By using a live format to offer valuable expertise and insights, you increase the chance of attracting natural backlinks from viewers and participants in the webinars.

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Constantly Promote Your Content

Creating excellent content doesn’t mean your job is done since that’s only half the battle. You must constantly promote and share your content across relevant online communities, social media platforms, and email newsletters.

Furthermore, you can also make collaborations with industry experts and influencers to boost your reach and improve the chances of earning natural backlinks. Push things further and increase your content’s visibility to attract the attention of other web admins who may be interested in linking to it by actively promoting your content.

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Build Relationships with Other Sites

You need to build trustworthy relationships with other industry sites to open doors to natural backlink opportunities. Build relationships with web admins, bloggers, and other experts via social media, collaborative projects, and industry events.

By establishing rapport and providing value to others, you increase their likelihood of organically linking to your content. Building relationships also increases your visibility within your niche, making it more likely for other web admins to discover and link to your content.

Optimize Your Site for Backlinks

Another crucial way to make others link to your content is by optimizing your site’s navigation and structure to make the process easy. Your content must always be easily accessible, well-organized, and with clear CTAs to trigger readers to share or link to it.

In addition, you also need to optimize your meta tags and descriptions to make Google and other search engines interested in your content and rank it in high positions. By optimizing your site for backlinks, you make it more attractive and convenient for other web admins to reference and link to your content, increasing your chances of earning natural backlinks.

Monitor and Analyze Backlinks

Last but not least, even when you make all these steps, you still need to keep track of your backlinks to your site using tools like Google Search Console, Ahrefs, or SEMrush. Monitor the quality and quantity of your backlinks regularly, spot harmful backlinks, and analyze which content types attract the most links.

This data can help you refine your content and SEO strategy and focus on creating the types of content that resonate most with your audience and attract natural backlinks. By analyzing your backlink profile, you gain insights into what types of content are most successful at earning backlinks and can tailor your future content creation efforts accordingly.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Natural Backlinks

Getting natural backlinks is a long-term investment, so you need to create valuable content, promote it effectively, build relationships with other sites, optimize your site for backlinks, and monitor your backlink profile, so you can increase your chances of attracting organic endorsements from other web admins. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working on SEO Weebly for an eCommerce site, boosting your SaaS SEO, or any other SEO strategy for your business – it simply won’t work without natural backlinks.

However, one thing is for sure – you have to start implementing these steps now if you want to earn natural backlinks quickly and boost your site to the next level!

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