5 Types of eCommerce Product Videos That Will Improve Your SEO

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Written by: Milan Savov
Nov / 14 / 2019

Photos capture a moment of time; videos tell the story of that time. The power of the video’s message is widely recognised as one of the most influential ones in the field of eCommerce. Videos sell – faster, more efficiently and create a trustworthy relationship with the customers. That is why videos have become a powerful form of content marketing that improves the SEO game of your eCommerce business.

Through this powerful medium, customers can have a look at the products in action, how they are used and the general story of the brand itself. It is safe to say that videos make the products famous, exposed and readily available to customers. And the fact that with the constant use of social media, these videos can be liked, shared and saved, the exposure of the brand gets a whole new dimension. Here are five different types of product videos that make this happen.

1. Open the Box

open the box product video

You have probably come across a couple of these videos, especially swiping the Instagram stories. Usually done by influencers who collaborate with the brand, they slowly unbox the product step by step until they take the product out of the box and show it to the world. More than 20 million search results support the fact that this type of a video is so popular for the term “unboxing” as stated in a research done by Wall Street, and videos with “unboxing” in their title have gone up 871% on YouTube. Such videos have more than 10.3 billion views up to the date that the research was conducted, whereas one in five consumers has watched an unboxing video on YouTube. Talk about building strong brand recognition!

2. Instructional Videos (How to…)

how to product video

The second type of product video that is claiming one of the top positions of popularity is the “How to” video. These videos are instructional and show step by step how to use it, service it or maintain it in a perfect condition. Plus, people doing these videos give advice to customers prior to the purchase of the product. The greatest thing about this type of a video is that it doesn’t boast or praise the quality of the products, but it shows conclusively how vital their product can be in their lives, hence making the decision to purchase it much simpler.

3. “How It Is Made” Video

how it is made product video

Another engaging type of video is the production line video or “How it is made”. These videos make the viewers stuck to the screen until they see the end of it. Taking a sneak peek in the whole production is absolutely exciting even if it is done for a very ordinary item that has everyday and simple use. Showing the materials, labour force, the machines and everything else that goes into making the product is simply awe-inspiring and build an instant relationship with the brand.

4. Testimonial Video

testimonial product video

Who can better convince people to buy the product than a satisfied customer showing the visible results of the purchased product? It remains one of the most effective ways to persuade the potential buyer actually to complete the purchase of the product. The satisfied customer gives their review in a video format telling people what they love the most about the product, service and the brand generally. When we talk about a strong SEO plan, these videos are proven to be a great conversion booster. Plus, they excite the potential buyers to re-engage with the brand.

5. In-depth Look of the Product and Its Features

product video

A 5-10 minutes video that explains all the details about its use, features and benefits is also a popular way to engage and convince the customers to make the purchase. They are usually made with high-quality footage that gives an in-depth look and brings the customer into the story of the brand. If the product is more complex, then a series of short videos are made so that the prospective buyer can choose which one to watch without having to watch all the explanations and features.

How Can the Videos Increase Conversion Rates?

youtube product video

According to the results of recent research done by Kissmetrics, visitors who have watched a product video are up to 85% more likely to buy the product. There were also situations in which website visitors were 144% more likely to purchase the product after viewing the video.

Therefore, it is evident that product videos affect the SEO of the website. Another research has shown that the users will stay on a page longer if there is video content. In addition, the bounce rates are significantly lower on these pages because the user is engaged for several minutes at least while they are watching the video.

Finally, the possibility these videos to be shared on social media platforms improves the SEO even more. In fact, social media is the first place where potential customers get in touch with it. Without a doubt, the social media platforms with product videos offer greater exposure of the products to a broader audience, targeted and non-targeted.

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