5 Easy Ways How to Challenge and Beat Your eCommerce Competitors Online

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Written by: Branko Ilishev
Aug / 20 / 2019

Are you a new eCommerce company on the market and trying to make it in this unforgiving online industry? Or, are you trying to take the top spot at Google Search Results leaving behind your competitors? If yes, it sounds like you need the secret recipe of ingredients – and we are more than glad to tell you all about it. So, sit tight, take notes and pay attention.

The strategy is everything. Without it, you are already losing the game before it officially begins. Careful planning, competitor research and setting goals are the primary steps of putting the strategy in motion. The eCommerce market landscape is pretty competitive so seizing every opportunity means taking advantage of every gap you see in it the moment it opens. Later might be too late. So, what do you need to do to have a successful soaring of your brand online? Let’s elaborate one by one.

High-Functioning Website with a High-Converting Design

High-Functioning Website and Design

Your online presence begins and ends with the website. Yes, there are lots of other things in between, but it all comes down to your website and how engaging it is in the end. For it to keep the attention and interest of visitors it must be built and developed to the latest technological trends. It also needs to provide the visitors with answers to their queries and give them nothing but value.

The design of the website will capture their curiosity and the functionality of the website will justify their interest. The rest is up to your quality of service and products that will keep them coming back.

The web developing team at SmartClick knows what you need. Tackling challenges is our driving force and the results speak for themselves. You need a website that performs, we have the tools to build it.

Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile Responsive Website

Once you have your high-functioning website and high-converting design up and running, the next step is making it mobile responsive. It is completely normal to use your smartphone to make a purchase nowadays. In fact, that is how most of the net users purchase things today. And because of that reason, the necessity your website to be mobile responsive is extremely important.

Another reason for having a mobile responsive website is that it reduces the bounce rate and increases conversions. In addition, it will improve the search term ranking of the site because Google appreciates the mobile-friendly website as a ranking signal.

How can it be done?

  • Page load time is important – improve it and make it fast.
  • Call-to-action buttons should be on top of the page to grant the visitors easy access to their needed information
  • All the text and images should be legible
  • The content should be “small screen friendly” and the links “thumb-friendly”
  •  Make sure o streamline the checkout flow so that a transaction can be made hassle-free
  • Add tap-to-call buttons, location services as well as geo-fencing.

Or, let us do it for you! Easy and simple.

SEO Optimised Website and Lots of Organic Traffic

SEO Online Marketing on Tablet

Yes, your website is done, high-functioning and engaging. But is it SEO optimised? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which means that your website must have even the tiniest details optimised so that it appears on the first page of results. Wonder how to do it? Well, there is a lot of things to plan and do.  Your ecommerce SEO strategies must be flexible, detail-oriented and always improving along the way. They need constant analysis, change and thinking out of the box. You need to research what is it that your competitors do best online and find a way to do it better.

Or, if you are out of ideas about how to make it work, contact our SEO specialists and discuss your wishes.

Attention-Grabbing Product Videos

Video marketing

One hot topic this 2019 is certainly the attractiveness of the product videos. They are popular among the shopping community as it gives a deeper and closer look into the product that is selling and its features and instructions. Plus, they help increase sales and conversions and make you a more reliable brand on the market. Also, they work in favour of the SEO strategy and improve the website rankings, engagement and attract mobile users.

Another amazing fact is that 51% of the marketing experts consider the video a content format that delivers the highest ROI.

Product Ratings and Reviews

Product ratings and reviews

Before people buy a product online, 90% of them read reviews and ratings. If the majority is negative, they won’t think twice before ditching the idea of shopping from that website. As this is a pretty huge percentage of people who rely on product reviews and ratings, you need to make sure that all your products are covered with reviews.

Also, the reviews on the website increase conversion rates by as much as 270%. That is a crazy percentage, right? Well, the strong impact of this percentage is because 85% of people trust the online reviews and 73% of the shoppers will deem the business trustworthy after they’ve read several positive reviews.

That being said, how to make the consumers leave a review and rate the product, hopefully with positive feedback?

  • Encourage them to write reviews in details by using a review form with questions like “Write the pros and cons”, “Why would you recommend this product” etc.
  • Allow the negative reviews provided that the reason why they are negative is objective and helpful.
  • Send the customers a post-purchase email reminder to ask them for reviews.

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