Squarespace vs Square Online: Similar Names, but Completely Different SEO and eCommerce Solutions

Written by: Branko Ilishev
Nov / 11 / 2022

Many users get confused when they see Squarespace and Square Online (or just Square) are entirely different things. Due to the name similarity, we expect them to be at least similar in the way they work.

So, getting this fact straight will help us distinguish between both eCommerce solutions.

Furthermore, we will help you understand the differences, weak points, advantages, and pricing plans. This way, you will easily determine which one is the best fit for your business.

You can hold onto them when it comes to building a site, using eCommerce SEO tools and features, editing the content, convenience, flexibility, and getting most of the available performance qualities.

But, before we get deeper into this Squarespace vs Square comparison, let’s explain what these platforms are and how they are used for eCommerce.

What Is Squarespace?

Squarespace website

Squarespace is a website builder providing pre-built eCommerce templates and hosting. It doesn’t allow plugins, extensions, and third-party tools. But it doesn’t matter because it covers most of the functionalities needed to smoothly run your store.

What Is Square Online?

Square Online website

Square Online is also known as Square, and we will explain why it’s almost the same thing later. It’s one of the most on-point ways to build an online store, process payments, and provide exceptional customer service to your clients. This solution has an advanced card-reading feature, making payments available to everyone.

One of the main differences in the Square online vs Squarespace comparison is that the first one is more focused on restaurants and food delivery services, while Squarespace covers all the eCommerce needs and aspects.

Note: In 2018, Square acquired another platform named Weebly. They integrated their services, even though the brands work separately. So, when you add Square eCommerce features to a Weebly-built website, you are getting a Square Online solution.

So, from this moment on, we are talking about Weebly-build Square websites since they often come together as a complete solution.

Ease of Use, Convenience, and Flexibility

Both platforms are pretty easy to use, depending on your needs. As we compare Square vs sSquarespace, we came to this vital information on their functionality. Luckily, both are easy to use, even though Squarespace offers more guidance through the starting process. Square also provides a setup guide, but Squarespace’s one is impressive and more reliable.

Square’s dashboard is straightforward, and Squarespace offers more advanced menus.

Another great point is that both Square and Squarespace allow you to buy a custom domain name and register it directly using the dashboard section.

Both platforms are pretty flexible, even though Square is mainly limited to retail, restaurants, and non-profit organizations. Additionally, all templates look similar, and customization is limited, even though adjusting it to your brand is quite easy.

Squarespace, on the other hand, offers a large variety of customizable templates and designs which look professional and attractive.

Since you have more freedom using Squarespace, we can say it wins this Square vs Squarespace battle.

Pros and Cons of Their eCommerce Features

At this point, we are clear that the Squarespace vs Square comparison is all about eCommerce.

The best thing about Squarespace is the access to built-in eCommerce website templates you can easily customize. They provide excellent store management tools, which makes Squarespace a good choice for those who plan to grow. Most of the templates offer dynamic layouts, making your site look professional and stand out. And what we love most is that everyone who knows a little web design can tweak the templates and customize them according to their preferences.

The only disadvantage is that inexperienced people may have more time to get used to the editor features.

Square has more disadvantages compared to Squarespace, even though it offers completely functional basic eCommerce layouts. While it provides concise product management you can control from one dashboard, you don’t have much customization freedom. Their templates all look alike, even though they are completely functional.

But Square’s most significant advantage is its affordable eCommerce plans, even though they also have more limits than Squarespace.

So, it’s fair to say that Squarespace wins in this Squarespace vs Square online round.

Search Engine Optimization

All online businesses should invest time in search engine optimization. In recent years, many online store owners finally realized SEO is a great way to gain organic traffic and improve their online presence.

Square comes with a pack of SEO features you can control from the dashboard. For example, you can create custom URLs, add SEO titles, and write a unique meta description. It’s direct, concise, and easy to understand. You add SEO features to every product you upload.

On the other hand, Squarespace SEO features aren’t that easy to use, but they are more powerful. You may need some time to learn how to use them. Still, Squarespace gives you enough tools to ensure you cover every SEO element during the process. The feature we like most is the automatically generated alt text when you upload a properly named image. Many people forget to adjust it when uploading photos, so it’s great to have something that helps you during the process.

So, when it comes to Squarespace vs Square SEO features, the first offers more convenience, while the second is much easier to use.

Pricing Plans for eCommerce

Square and Squarespace come with different price plans. For example, the starting price for Square is free, but if you need a custom domain, you will have to pay $12 per month. It supports eCommerce plans and responsive design tools and integrates well with approved Square tools.

Squarespace doesn’t come with a free plan. The starting price with eCommerce tools included is $16 per month. Templates are customizable, and you can get discounts on higher plans if you are loyal to them. You can create a fully functional website using Squarespace, and you don’t have to buy hosting space separately.

Customer Support and Security

When it comes to security, we can say that they are both completely safe to use. Your payment data is encrypted, and everyone feels protected during the process.

When there is a problem, both Squarespace and Square Online provide great customer support.

But, there is something tricky when it comes to Square. If you need customer support, you have to use the Weebly form for the reasons we explained earlier.

Squarespace’s customer service is mainly through email, live chats, and limited availability. They don’t offer phone support. People who provide customer service have a strict work time, but you can hold onto automated chat and the precise answers you get with their responses.

So, it’s a tied result in the final Ssquarespace vs sSquare battle, even though both platforms need improvement regarding customer support.

Square vs Squarespace Final Verdict

When we compare Squarespace vs Square online store options, we have to note that Squarespace covers all eCommerce businesses, and Square is more for food chains and direct services.

As we said at the beginning, the main similarity between Squarespace vs Square services is their name. Any other aspect is quite different. But, the good thing is that everyone can find what they need in every eCommerce solution, depending on their niche and goals.

We can close this topic with a simple conclusion. The potential users are those who can best determine the winner between Square and Squarespace.


Are Square Online and Squarespace the same thing?

Square Online and Squarespace are both dedicated to eCommerce users. But they are completely different online store solutions. Still, both provide exceptional editing and web-building tools and features, helping you get the most out of your business potential.

Is Square Online easier to use compared to Squarespace?

Square Online is great for beginners who have little to no knowledge of web design. Squarespace is more appropriate for those who want to customize things and even build eCommerce websites using highly functional online store templates.

Which one offers better SEO tools?

Squarespace’s SEO tools are more convenient since they cover more SEO elements. Square Online allows you to precisely separate the meta tags from the rest of the content. But don’t forget that you still have to work on the backlink strategy because it doesn’t come automatically with them.

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