How to Keep Up with Google Updates and SEO in 2020

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Written by: Branko Ilishev
Jan / 31 / 2020

If you are involved in digital marketing and SEO work, you are undoubtedly aware that Google often updates their algorithms so that the users get the most relevant content on search page results. Following these updates will put you ahead of your competitors in the pursuit to outrank them and show your website as a trustworthy source of information. Because of these often updates, you also need to pay attention to updating your SEO strategy. Keeping up with the trends is essential if you want to become and remain relevant to the users. To do so, here is what you should dedicate your time to in 2020 if you want real success and positive results.

Long Tail Keywords

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Keywords are the core of a successful SEO campaign. They are what people use to get informed about a service or a product and hitting the right ones for your business will bring you organic traffic that converts. Speaking of conversion, finding new keywords is the basis of setting a successful SEO plan that will bring you money. Long tail keywords are necessary to bring attention to your product or service, and the way to do so is by continually looking for new, long-tail keywords that will link the customer directly to the product they want to buy.

Optimise Meta Descriptions and Titles

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Once again, meta descriptions and titles are essential for building a trustworthy relationship with Google and the target audience. These descriptions give information about the listed page and why the user should click on it. Basically, they provide a glimpse into the value the page provides. Not to be confused though, the meta descriptions won’t do much for the rankings. However, they still send positive signals to Google, which can eventually lead to better rankings.

When we optimise meta descriptions, it means you need to incorporate the new-found and relevant keywords into the descriptions because when someone searches for a specific phrase, each word of that phrase will be bolded in the search results making your page stand out.

To be more precise, here is an example. Let’s say that a user wants to buy a small, round table in Scandinavian design. They will probably type into Google “small round Scandinavian coffee table”. If you have some of these words or the whole phrase in the meta description or Meta Title of the page, your website will be clearly visible to the user. And there are high chances that they will click on the link.

Optimise Your Content

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Not only should the keywords be included in the meta descriptions and titles, but also they should be included throughout the entire content on your website. Of course, this must be done organically so that reading them in context should feel completely natural. In this way, the readers will benefit from the content and hopefully be convinced to make a purchase while Google will be notified that you are the right option for searchers.

So, what you need to do is to update the content on all pages by including the long-tail keywords that are relevant both to your business and target audience and refresh the chances to get better rankings for those pages. Basically, no keyword stuffing (which is writing the keywords everywhere multiple times and making it feel unnatural for the reader when reads the content) and including the keywords in the headings and subheadings but only where it makes sense.

Creating Backlinks

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When it comes to building brand awareness and signalling Google that your website is indeed the reputable source of information, backlinks creation is a trend that will continue to live on in 2020 as well. However, not all backlinks will have the same importance for better ranking. In this too crowded blogosphere, only links from high-authority domains and credible websites will bring you benefits. Others, not so much. Forget about spammy sites that don’t have anything to do with your niche because, at the end instead of helping you, they might have a negative impact over the ranking.

You can get quality backlinks if you contact bloggers who are already writing about the niche you are in and ask for a review of your products or services. They can include a link in their blog post of your website. Also, do some research on whether your brand is mentioned on the net and reach out to them to ask for a link to your website.

Never Stop Learning

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Of course, this is an obvious one – never stop learning and exploring the possibilities to grow. Be on top of every google update and see how it relates to you and your business and use it to your advantage. Things are continually changing because every day, more and more users extend their Internet knowledge and use it not only for communication and information but also about the whole experience of shopping.

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