Content Types for the Consideration Stage of Your SaaS Buyer’s Journey

Written by: Branko Ilishev
Jun / 26 / 2023

Navigating and nurturing your SaaS buyer’s journey has never been more important since there’s massive global competition. However, the most effective way to do it is through the most suitable content type, and it’s essential because it’s pointless to make content that targets everyone but, in fact, not your ideal SaaS clients.

Today, we will address the consideration stage and show you which content types are essential to use to navigate and nurture your potential buyers to the next stage.

Still, before we start, let’s precisely see the consideration stage.

What is the Consideration Stage in the SaaS Buyer’s Journey?

The consideration stage is where potential buyers are researching whether your SaaS services are a good fit for their company. They have a deeper understanding of their need or issue but haven’t found specific SaaS solutions.

SaaS SEO is vital during this stage since they focus on exploring various options. It’s still not the stage where they finalize their decision; instead, they gather each valuable alternative in order to make the most informed choice.

Here, potential buyers aren’t ready to buy your SaaS services. Therefore, they still need guidance to decide on the optimal resolution for their issue or need. Of course, they are much more qualified than prospects in the awareness stage.

You need to expect a slight decrease in potential SaaS buyers engaging with your content during the consideration stage. That’s normal since some of them will fall off the wagon during the awareness stage, but you must focus on those who came to this stage and want to know more about your SaaS company and services.

Since we covered the definition of the consideration stage, let’s move on to the content types and how to navigate your SaaS buyer’s journey toward the decision stage.

Content Types for the Consideration Stage

During the consideration stage, the focus is on exploring various SaaS options. Your potential buyers have yet to be committed to selecting a particular SaaS service but are evaluating all available choices to make the optimal decision.

Since they aren’t yet ready to make a purchase, your aim through robust SaaS SEO is to assist them in deciding the most appropriate solutions for their issues and requirements. It’s essential to note that they are more knowledgeable than those in the awareness stage and are actively considering SaaS offerings.

You should utilize the following content types to further engage and nurture them.

Free Samples

The ultimate goal of giving out free samples or service sampling is to increase your potential buyer’s interest in your SaaS services and make them enter the decision stage to make a purchase.

By giving them free samples, you are letting them get a ‘taste’ of your SaaS services, which increases the likelihood of them coming back and realizing you are the perfect solution for their issues and needs.

Giving a free sample won’t negatively impact your SaaS business; however, it can significantly impact your potential buyers in the consideration stage and make them come back for more to become your loyal clients.

In essence, let them try, and some will surely come back for more!

Case Studies

A case study is a multi-faceted and in-depth study of the efficiency and effectiveness of a particular tool or service, and it showcases the measurable outcomes of your SaaS service or services.

The reason why it’s excellent for the consideration stage is that it will show your potential buyers the actual results your SaaS company achieves through exact numbers and measurable results from the work you have done with prior clients.

This way, your potential SaaS buyers will see that you are a trustworthy company and that your services are used by many others who are very pleased to have worked with you and used your SaaS services.

Customer Testimonials and Expert Reviews

A similar ultimate goal as with the case studies is with customer testimonials and expert reviews.

Customer testimonials are short quotes from previous or current clients that describe their positive experience collaborating with your SaaS company. They are displayed on your SaaS website in order to show potential buyers you are a relevant solution considering the past experiences of many other buyers who used to or still use your SaaS services.

The other efficient SaaS SEO content type is expert reviews, which are quick and cost-effective ways to evaluate the accessibility and usability of your SaaS services. Once your potential buyers see that experts’ root’ for your SaaS offers, they can go from the consideration stage into the decision stage much faster.

Advanced eBook

In simple terms, an eBook is a digital book displayed on your website, which potential SaaS buyers can download from their PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

If an introductory eBook is the best content type for the awareness stage, an advanced eBook is best for the consideration stage.


Because your potential buyers in the consideration stage already know more about SaaS, your services, and your brand, they can understand the topic further since they passed the awareness stage, and now they want to discover more about your company and services.

In your advanced eBook, you show them a lot more about everything you can offer them and how your SaaS services are the best solution for their needs and problems. However, it’s best not to be overly promotional since they will leave and go to your competitor’s sites. The ultimate goal is to show them precisely why your SaaS is better and most suitable for their problems.

Coupon Page

A coupon is a document or ticket that can be redeemed for a financial discount to rebate when buying your SaaS service or product.

A website coupon page should list coupons, savings offers, and coupon codes, which are freely accessible to your potential buyers and can be redeemed. You can distribute them widely through your coupon page but also emails, social media platforms, etc.

The ultimate goal is simple, to give the potential customers a “taste of the action” for free and quickly convince them your SaaS services and products are most suitable for their problems and needs. Offering coupons is one of the most effective ways to market your SaaS services and engage with potential buyers in the consideration stage since they can entice them to build loyalty with one of your specific SaaS products and services.

Demo Videos

Demo videos are also crucial since they will let potential buyers know how your services work effectively. These videos will showcase your services in action and inform your prospects about your offers’ various features.

Furthermore, it’s an excellent way to help them visualize what they will get and experience with your SaaS services if they purchase it for their needs.

Don’t forget visualization is crucial in marketing, and the same goes regarding SaaS SEO since people react to visualization even when they aren’t aware of it, and it can also be beneficial for ranking high on search engines if optimized well.

Let your potential clients see what they’ll get, not just read about it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Frequently Asked Questions page is a crucial part of a knowledge base since it addresses the most common questions potential buyers have and is particularly useful for prospects in the consideration stage, although it can also be valuable for those in the awareness stage.

FAQs start with a question and deliver a concise answer to your potential buyers, but they are also excellent for SaaS SEO since, if done well, they can show up on the first page of Google and other search engines when users search for an answer.

Therefore, FAQs are vital because they help your potential buyers further quickly understand your services and can also rank your SaaS website much higher in the SERPs.

Service Catalog

Even though not so popular, which is a mistake, a service catalog is actually highly beneficial for your potential buyers in the consideration stage.

The reason is that the catalog is a marketing collateral type that lists essential SaaS service details that can help your potential buyers decide and enter the decision stage to make a purchase. These details in the catalog include SaaS service descriptions, features, price, availability, customer reviews, and so on.

Interactive Tools

The name itself tells you what the purpose of interactive tools is – These are marketing tools that will make the potential buyer in the consideration stage interact further with your SaaS company, brand, and services.

The most famous and influential interactive tools you need to use to accomplish a successful SaaS SEO include the following:

  • Calculators: An interactive calculator is an interactive tool applied throughout the potential buyer’s journey and directs them toward conversion and making a purchase. This interactive tool makes calculations based on customer data, generating an entire customized experience.
  • Cheat Sheets: Cheat sheets can come in various forms, including templates, checklists, worksheets, etc. Cheat sheets are made to make smaller and more tactical aspects of your marketing strategy much more straightforward.
  • Canvases: A marketing canvas is a co-creation method to discover and reinforce your strategy, which is at the intersection of the environment where you work, your goals and what you desire to achieve, and your actions of how you will reach the goal.
  • Questionnaires: A questionnaire is a question list put to a potential buyer of the target audience, either in writing or in person. They are efficient because they can be made to suit any service or company and can draw any information that the potential buyer is willing to deliver.

Product Specification Sheets

Product specification sheets, also called product spec sheets or just specs, are a document outlining all the essential details about your SaaS service.

These specs can include information about your SaaS service use, how it works, what specifically one gets, etc. A product specification sheet can be crucial for your potential buyers in the consideration stage since it can push your prospects to finally enter the decision stage and make a purchase since they will see specifically what you are offering.

Solution-Focused White Paper

A solution-focused white paper is an informational-focused document that promotes or highlights the features of a solution or service, in this case, your SaaS solutions and services.

The ultimate purpose of a white paper is to give your potential buyers an understanding of their issues and help them solve their problems by deciding to purchase and use your SaaS services.

Of course, the same logic goes regarding white papers; you shouldn’t make them exceptionally aggressively promotional since the goal is to explain the problem in-depth and showcase the perfect solution that will erase your potential buyer’s issues.

There you have it, the most effective content types for the consideration stage of your SaaS buyer’s journey.

Don’t forget that it’s valuable to implement all or at least most of these content types if you want to address everything your potential buyers have to know at the consideration stage while navigating them toward entering the decision stage and making a purchase. Navigating them without addressing the inbound marketing buyer journey SaaS is almost impossible, so don’t waste time and start working!

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