29 BOFU Keywords
ranked on 1st page in 4 months
increase in requests for Free Trials
29 BOFU Keywords
ranked on 1st page in 4 months
increase in requests for Free Trials

Case Study

High Intent keywords ranked in 4 months on Page 1 for a B2B SaaS Company

The Goal:

StatusCast’s primary objective was to dominate search rankings for transactional keywords, aiming to become the top choice for organizations seeking real-time updates and system status notifications during service disruptions. Their strategy centered on securing a prominent position on Google’s first page, ensuring easy accessibility for businesses and stakeholders in need of reliable and transparent communication tools. Similar to the interdependence between talent and companies in a marketplace, StatusCast recognized its success relied on being the go-to platform, offering critical solutions that align seamlessly with the needs of modern businesses navigating system interruptions.

The Obstacles

StatusCast faced an uphill battle in its competitive landscape. Giants like Atlassian provided a substantial head start, while robust platforms such as Better Stack and Status.io boasted a client roster featuring Octopus Deploy, Redis, Decathlon, Salesforce (with Better Stack), and Yahoo, Samsung, HP, Docker, and Twitter (using Status.io). This shocking competition, backed by significant client bases and renowned brands, made StatusCast’s journey to stand out and establish its unique value proposition all the more challenging.

SmartClick Approach

1. Smart Audit – Search Competition Audit, Content Audit, Technical Audit & Backlink Profile Audit.

StatusCast underwent a comprehensive Smart Audit process, covering various facets crucial for SEO enhancement:

  • Technical SEO Audit: A thorough assessment was conducted to identify and resolve technical issues hindering the website’s search engine visibility.
  • Content Audit: An in-depth analysis of existing content was performed to evaluate its quality, relevance, and alignment with SEO objectives.
  • Competition and SERP Analysis: Detailed examination of competitors and search engine results pages (SERPs) to strategize and refine StatusCast’s positioning.
  • Backlink Profile Audit: Assessment of the backlink profile aimed at optimizing link quality and relevance.
  • High-Intent Keyword Research: Exhaustive research was conducted to identify high-intent keywords targeting potential buyers, enhancing the website’s visibility among the intended audience.

2.  Smart Transformation – Tech issue fixes, Content mapping, optimization and transformation

This phase involved critical fixes and transformation of the website and its content:

  • Technical Issue Fixes: Identified technical SEO issues were promptly addressed to ensure a smooth and optimized website performance.
  • Content Mapping and Optimization: Existing content was mapped strategically, and keyword optimization was implemented to align with the targeted audience’s search intent.
  • Content Transformation: Content on various pages was transformed to better resonate with the search intent, thus enhancing its relevance and visibility.

3. Smart Strategy – SEO Plan, Strategy & Execution

An ongoing SEO plan was formulated and implemented for sustained growth:

  • Link Building: A strategic approach to acquiring high-quality, relevant backlinks to bolster the website’s authority and credibility.
  • Content Marketing: Consistent creation of new, engaging content aligned with SEO objectives to attract and retain the target audience.
  • Content Gap Identification: Identifying and filling content gaps by addressing potential customers’ queries and concerns, thereby enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Throughout these phases, meticulous attention was given to aligning each strategy and action with StatusCast’s business objectives, ensuring a holistic and effective SEO approach. The result was a comprehensive SEO enhancement that significantly improved StatusCast’s online visibility, search rankings, and audience engagement.

The Results

Hugh Merkle
CMO of StatusCast

We saw relatively quick improvements in the technical performance of our website. Followed by a steady upward progression of page rank for core keywords. Smartclick experts were extremely flexible and worked to meet our needs more than most companies we’ve worked with.

Hugh Merkle
CMO of StatusCast


The main activities that were to bring success to the project

Perform the Smart Auditor (Technical, Content, Competitor, and Backlink Profile Audits)

Lay out an action plan with a timeframe to fix or manage fixing the issues

Set KPI’s and Plan a long-term SEO strategy with a time frame of one year

Continuous performance optimization

Create a Content Calendar & give blog post outlines with targeted keywords

Plan off-page strategy and build a network of backlinks