A New Chauffeur-Service Website Ranks for 79 keywords on the First Page of Google

Clicks growth for the last 6 months
Impressions growth for the last 6 months
Clicks growth for the last 6 months
Impressions growth for the last 6 months

A New Chauffeur-Service Website Ranks for 79 keywords on the First Page of Google

Simber’s site is a fully functional and fast website that ranks on the first page of Google for 79 relevant keywords and 119 relevant keywords on the second page. The successful SEO strategy that started with auditing, copywriting, on-page optimizations, and blogging combined with an off-page SEO strategy gave fantastic results in almost a year. Another fantastic fact is that we helped Simber convert 40-50% of the leads. The continual and excellent collaboration between Simber’s and our team is one of the key elements of the great project’s success.


The main activities that were to bring success to the project:

Keyword and Market Research

Technical Audit

Competition Audit

Getting the website structure ready

Copywriting for all web pages

SEO-optimizing the copy based on the targeted keywords

On-page optimization

Setting an internal linking strategy

Writing informational content for the blog section supporting the target pages in the focus

Conducting synced on-page and off-page SEO strategies

The Client’s Collaboration Highlights

SmartClick brought us many qualifying leads that converted!

Denis Dzogdanovik
Director at Simber

SmartClick – Web and SEO Agency has helped the client grow their site traffic steadily, as well. The vendor has also been quick to communicate with a friendly and direct management style. They have also shown commendable dedication to their craft.

Denis Dzogdanovik
Director at Simber

The Project

The problem: Simber’s project started in 2020 before the Covid 19 pandemic took over. Simber’s industry suffered the consequences of the quarantine in the UK since they couldn’t get hired for their Chauffeur services. Travel was almost banned, and they couldn’t offer their services to their ideal clients since people were not allowed to travel to different countries, or if they did, it was under strict regulations and protocols.
During this time, we set the website structure, wrote the website copy, finished the optimizations, and registered the site on Google Analytics and Search Console when the site went live.

Our perspective of the issues:
Even though it was a difficult time for businesses like Simber, we knew that starting with SEO, even in such difficult times, it would pay off in the long run. We were fortunate to have Simber’s approval of and trust in our strategy, so we continued with our work, even though it was not with a full hands-on capacity.

Our client’s take on the project: Simber’s team was always collaborative and fast in responding to our instructions, reporting issues, or anything related to the strategy’s success. They started noticing positive results in the form of leads they gained through the website and even proposed possible focus points based on the interest their business had sparked among the target audience.


Client Info

Simber is a London-based Chauffeur Service Company that offers discreet executive and VIP chauffeur experiences for residential and international clients. They offer a wide range of services that meet the transportation needs of their clients with a luxurious fleet of cars and a safe driving environment. They are also taking care of the environment by working with Ecologi, a climate change organization helping accelerate the transition to a sustainable future by planting trees for every transportation service they are hired for.


The Challenge

The first and foremost challenge we encountered when starting to work on the project was the pandemics which limited this business’ operation and thus limited the resources for our SEO work. However, the robust website setup and the targeted content strategy gave inevitable results. Another challenge was that this niche is very specific, and the search volume of the target keywords is not very high. Nevertheless, achieving high rankings for all of them was our goal from the very beginning. When there is not much search volume for the targeted keywords, you go all or nothing, and we went all in. We targeted these keywords with a clear goal – to get each one of the possible clicks. We are happy to say that we managed to do so.


The Impact on the Client:

Simber is a project we take enormous pride in. We have been working on it continuously for almost one year. The results that we note today are extraordinary. A number of 79 relevant keywords rank on the first page, whereas 119 relevant keywords rank on the second page. The exponential increase in the number of keywords is also worth noting. Since it was a new site, it had to be indexed and appropriately evaluated by Google to start appearing in the organic search. During that time, the online competition ran their SEO campaigns and held the first page positions on Google for the relevant keywords. Over ten months, Simber’s site started appearing organically from 0 to 600 keywords.

The very targeted on-page content strategy and the robust off-page strategy that targeted UK sites only with significant UK organic traffic drew the attention of the targeted audience. They attracted them to the site – nurturing them as leads and converting them into paying clients. Simber’s team has also notified us about a significant collaboration they managed to start with what they hope to be a long-term client for them.

The SEO strategy has been transformed into a process that hasn’t shifted the focus from the target service pages. Instead, we have developed it to be in sync with each of the strategy’s elements. We have upgraded it and continued working on more complex on-page plans for creating new pages and producing pillars and clusters of supporting content that will boost the organic juice to the targeted pages even more.


What we provided to achieve the product

Tools we used to help this website:

Grammarly, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Serpbot, Google Data Studio, Screaming Frog