4 Reasons Why Custom HTML Emails Are Best Representing Your Brand  

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Written by: Milan Savov
Mar / 26 / 2020

Getting the right message across can be tricky. Especially for business owners who are trying to get in touch with their target customers. To do it successfully, many turn to custom HTML emails. As this tactic has shown incredible results in terms of increasing the target audience’s engagement and reaction, using such emails proves to be the right direction. In addition, it has lots of benefits which will be discussed below.

Plain Text Emails VS HTML Emails

To start with, a clear distinction has to be made between plain text emails and HTML emails. Plain text emails, as the name suggests, is just plain text, stripped off any formatting. It is not visually enhanced, therefore there are no different styles and sizes, colours, or images nor hyperlinked anchor text. It is a simple structure of the text that is used by everyone for their e-communication.

plain text email

On the other hand, there is the HTML email, or HyperText Markup Language mail which is rich in visuals that include heavy formatting such as different styles, and sizes, words in bold, italics or underlined, images, logos and so on. This is an eye-catching composition that must be done professionally so that it can work across different email clients.

HTML emails

From the many benefits that HTML emails provide, here are the top 4.

A Killer Email Design

When you are trying to convince the target audience that you really have something they need to take a look at, you need to attract their attention. You can only do this with a visual attack in their inbox. With a customised email design you can put the colours of your brand, logo, and slogan in front of their eyes and with the pictures of products or services you offer you will make them think “Okay, I am listening.” Add to this the CTA buttons and you have them engaging instantly.

More Leads and Conversions

HTML emails make the receivers act. With the clickable links and CTA buttons, you navigate them through a simple journey to satisfy their needs, curiosity or thirst for discoveries. They are basically engaging with the message you are sending them and you are communicating before even getting personally introduced.

Control Over a Large Number of Potential Customers

There are many email service platforms you can use to track the performance of the email. These email tracking tools and reports will put you in the position of an observer and at any time you will know who did what with the email you had sent. Based on the info you collect you can measure the results and efficiency and use this data to improve the voice of the brand, the services or the general interest in your business.

Focusing on the Good Stuff

With the HTML emails, you are putting your focus on the main points of the mail by using different formatting and media. This is what the receiver appreciates as nobody wants to read long emails with lots of info in it. People want visuals and something that shows what is the most important part. They don’t read, they are going over the mail quickly and concentrating on the bit that catches their attention. By having an HTML email you will be able to facilitate this process for the receiver.

The Bottom Line

Not only are they visually more enhancing but also HTML emails are far more professional. You are conveying your brand’s message in a representing way and you are telling your potential clients that you mean business. For them, it is reassuring to know that they are putting their trust in a professional company or giving money in exchange for a professional service or product.

So, leave the plain text emails for everyday communication and use the HTML emails for visual promotion of your brand.

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