7 Current Digital Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Written by: Branko Ilishev
Jul / 10 / 2019

For a brand to be successful it must be VERY present on all social media platforms and generally, all over the internet. At the end of the day, people spend most of their time on the net surfing in their free time, working or getting informed on various topics. That is why digital marketing can’t be ignored. A business can thrive or completely close down depending on how popular it is online and how well people recognise it. A successful strategy for making your brand stand out is putting it in front of people’s eyes – constantly. And you need to work on it. Or better yet, hire a digital marketing agency that will do it for you. Nevertheless, here is what you must pay attention to in order to stay ahead in the game.

Facebook Is Still #1 Social Media Platform

Marketing on Facebook

Not only in the USA but in the whole world, Facebook remains in the first place on the list of most used social media platforms with more than 2 billion users using it every month. In fact, more than 65 million business have Facebook Pages and use them to promote their brand while more than six million advertisers promote their business on this social media platform.

Another impressive fact is that 41% of the users are over 65 years old which gives off a feeling that the younger population is heading towards other, more modern social platforms. This was most visible during 2018 due to the several scandals related to data breach and political propaganda on Facebook. However, Mark Zuckerberg found out a way to resurface and remain on the top by keeping users always engaged.

When it comes to advertising on Facebook you should do extensive research and investigate your target audience prior to designing your strategy. In this way, you can make sure the people who are most likely to become your new customers actively use Facebook and the campaign will get to them. Especially pay attention to this if what you want to achieve is impressing the younger demographics.

Instagram and Influencers Increase the Sales the Most

Promoting on Instagram

Instagram has become a number 1 social media platform where users are very easily convinced to buy a certain product because they can see its immediate effect. These products are presented and advertised by influencers – people who try out the products, record themselves, take pictures and post reviews – and the fact that it all happens at the same time is what boosts the sales.

Fortunately for Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram before it surpassed the success of Facebook and the synchronisation between the two social media platforms has made it very easy for people to share photos and videos on both platforms at the same time.

Another interesting fact is that Instagram is the social media platform that appeals mostly to the younger population, especially under 30. In fact, out of the billion Instagram users, the majority are under 30 years old.

Videos Are the 2019 Hit

Business Videos

YouTube is the place to be for promotions, tutorials and reviews that look and feel personal. In addition, there is the incredible statistics number of 73% of Americans who are using YouTube every single day which makes this media platform the best one to promote your product.

Plus, it is very easy to record a video nowadays – all it takes is a smartphone with a good camera and some personal space for the reviewer to record themselves. What is more, there are YouTubers who consider YouTube to be their workplace, even though they are not related to the company at all and yes, they do make a lot of money. So, let’s say a YouTuber who has thousands of subscribers can promote your product better than any advertisement bought from a marketing agency.

Live Video Is Even Better


Live streaming was dubbed “the next big thing in digital marketing” and it is already here. Influencers, celebrities, musicians and other people with a huge number of followers love the idea of going live to share a few thoughts on a subject, endorse a product or chat with their followers. This draws an immense number of audience as the chance to have their question answered or get a shout out is very real.

Hence, from a digital marketing point of view, live video is an extremely useful tool to promote a product, of course, if you have hired the right person to do it.

Content Is Still the King

Content Marketing

When it comes to producing content for blogs, quality content marketing still matters. It is a crucial component of digital marketing as it once was, but today, the rules have changed a lot. Nowadays, Google will notice the content only if it is original, unique, long and provides value to the reader. Otherwise, blog articles that don’t offer anything to the reader and are there just for the links seem to fall through the cracks.

The thing is that this quality content must be promoted on social media platforms as the chance for it to be seen by the user is far greater than when the user needs to visit the blog directly from the browser.

Chatbots Are Becoming More and More Popular


They are specially designed software tools that welcome website visitors and offer them directions and assistance in completing their goals. Their use feels natural as if you are talking to a human and that is why they are gaining so much popularity. In fact, they are extensively used in Facebook for tasks like providing weather reports or automating customer support services.

It is predicted that their success will continue steadily and they will conquer new heights in the digital marketing world.

Emails Are More Personalised, Still #1 Communication Tool

Personalised emails

Emails remain the best professional way of communication between the client and the service provider. And not only in the business world but also it is a number 1 in communication for personal, commercial, scientific, legal, industrial and academic purposes.

However, the way emails are written is evolving and the cold approach is becoming less and less successful. Instead, personalisation and getting to the core of the issue is what makes emailing a better tool than before. It is still an effective way to promote the product but only if it manages to trigger a reaction from the receiver.

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