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Do you struggle to bring traffic to your website?

Have you tried different SEO strategies, but nothing seems to work?

What do you need right now?

✓ A proven strategy to re-tailor your SEO efforts
✓ Insider tips from industry experts who are already doing the same
✓ Ongoing learning on how to become even better in what you do

If so,

From Keyword Research to SEO Implementation

This book is for eCommerce businesses but also for rising SEO stars who need more insight into real-world examples to navigate search engine optimization. A complete guide to detecting what stops you now from creating compelling content, engaging your audience, and driving more sales.

But that’s not all!

The “SECRET PLAYBOOK” will teach you:

✓ How to choose the right hosting and domain for your eCommerce business
✓ Why the URL structure may affect search engine ranking
✓ What is an SEO-friendly page structure
✓ What to do when you have thousands of products to sell
✓ How to recognize the awareness stage of your audience
✓ What type of content attracts the right visitors
✓ What it takes for a visitor to become a customer

And a lot more!

About the Authors:

Milan Savov

Founder & CEO of SmartClick Milan is a leader of a Web and SEO company that is specialized in helping businesses thrive online through innovative strategies and digital solutions.

Branko Ilishev

Branko Ilishev

As an SEO expert, Branko recognized the market gap between SEO and properly built websites, and that’s how he became Milan’s business partner. Together, they built an agency that offers web development and SEO as one inclusive and coherent service.

SmartClick’s expert team provided ongoing support during the writing process.

The authors documented every step they took, together with the team, to deliver the promised results as a higher SEO rank that attracts visitors, more traffic that converts, and great websites with ZERO technical issues as one. This book is a result of exceptional team synergy, expertise, experience, and successfully completed projects.

The book is for those who want to take their SEO game to the next level, including people who want to work in the industry or business owners who need some online boost.

But it’s not for you if:

✓ You already know what to do, and you like your current business growth
✓ You don’t want to gain more visitors and convert them into customers
✓ You aren’t ready to embrace the changes and implement them in your strategy
✓ You think you know the right way, and you don’t want to change it at any cost
✓ You’re fine with the competition outperforming you on Google

But if you want to:

✓ Implement proven strategies to scale your business
✓ Get insider tips to gain more traffic and sales
✓ Improve your online visibility using the most effective tactic
✓ Learn from real-world examples
✓ Achieve your goals faster than ever

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